To play the JSCA Webcam on your mobile device:

Go to the Apple Apps Store or the Android Google Play Market.

Download an app called "VLC"

Or follow this Link


On Android, hit the button to the right of the search button and paste in the link.

On Apple go to Network Stream and paste in the link.

Now you should be able to play the stream

Once the app is installed, clicking on the rtmp link above or the restart button
on the main page should also launch your video player.


Please contact me at if you are experiencing problems.
However, I'm not responsible for the equipment operation at JSCA or at KYC,
so if the equipment is down I am unable to offer much help.


Cell phone internet browsing support! (for old phones)

Do you want to see something like this?     

Then using your internet-enabled cell phone, add a shortcut to:

Thats it! Now the windspeed should be displayed to you in textual format like the picture.  For example, "5 min: 6.8 NE" above means that 5 minutes ago, the wind was 6.8 knots, and the direction was North East.

Your cell phone company may charge you for browsing the internet. When using your phone, if you enter a shortcut to JerichoWind, usually about 1 kilobyte of data is transfered to get the page.

Most cell phone companies charge around 3 cents per kilobyte transferred,
so it may cost you 3 to 5 cents each time you surf to JerichoWind on your cell phone.

If your want to see just a pure text output, try this JSCA Mini or KYC Mini

Happy Sailing!   :)